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Programs at Reining Canada

As the National Association Affiliate for Reining in Canada, RC has a mandate to further the development of the sport of reining in Canada. RC recognizes the tremendous amount of work that has occurred with the Regional Affiliates and would like to assist the Regional Affiliates and Eastern and Western Finals with continuation of these programs. *Please be aware that Reining Canada award recipients must have a current Canadian address registered at the NRHA in order to be considered for any award. (The Reiner of the Year may be exempt)

  • Eastern and Western Canadian Scholarship Program

  • The Reining Canada Board of Directors is proud to announce the implementation of a Youth Scholarship Program.



  • The commitment has been made by Reining Canada to enable youth to further excel in their future careers and competition. At this time Reining Canada is offering up to $2000 in scholarships, with up to a $1000 scholarship to be awarded to a youth member of the Western Affiliate Region and up to a $1000 to a youth member of the Eastern Affiliate Region.

  • NRHA Affiliate Finals Hosting Grant

  • Holding the Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals is not only an honor but also a financial burden to the association that takes on this prestigious event. Reining Canada as the NAA to the NRHA is proud to support the promotion of the Affiliate Finals with financial support to the associations that host this event.

  • Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals Championship Series

  • This program will provide the Champions in each of the Affiliate Classes at both the Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals a Reining Canada Championship jacket in all 16 recognized affiliate classes.

  • Representative Funding

  • The Canadian representatives to the NRHA are very important positions. To ensure that those individuals that have stepped forward to support Canadians and sacrificed their time to ensure that Canadian reiners’ needs are addressed and that information is forwarded through Reining Canada to all our members, Reining Canada has taken the initiative to support those individuals with financial support for their endeavors.

  • Reining Canada Reiner of the Year

  • The Reining Canada Reiner of the Year is selected by the Reining Canada Board of Directors and recognizes a Canadian individual (or individuals) demonstrating outstanding achievement or contribution to the sport of Reining in the current year.

  • FG Reining Collection Incentive

  • TFG Reining Collection offers a 10 to 25 % discount to Reining Canada members on a great selection of products.

  • Mark's Reining Canada Discount

  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse offers 10% off select merchandise to Reining Canada members

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