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Reining Canada Award Rules for 2018

Reining Canada Award Rules for 2015
  • Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals Championship Series

  • This program will provide the Champions in each of the Affiliate Classes at both the Eastern and Western Affiliate Finals a Reining Canada Championship jacket in all 16 recognized affiliate classes


Intermediate Open

Limited Open

Rookie Professional

NHO Level 1

NHO Level 2


Intermediate Nonpro

Limited Nonpro

Prime Time Nonpro

NHNP Level 1

NHNP Level 2

Rookie Level I

Rookie Level 2

Youth 14-18

Youth 13 & Under


* Recipients must have a Canadian address on file with the NRHA

  • Eastern and Western Canadian Scholarship Program

  • Scholarships totalling $2,000 annually will be awarded with $1,000 going to the top Applicant from the Western Canadian Affiliate Associations and $1,000 to the top Applicant from the Eastern Canadian Affiliate Associations. Winners to be selected by the Board of Directors of Reining Canada based upon the criteria laid out on the 'Scholarships' Page.


  • Application to be made no earlier than the final year of secondary schooling and the applicant must be less than 21 years of age on January 1st of the year they apply for the Youth Scholarship.


  • The applicant must have been an NRHA Affiliate Youth member for at least two years and have maintained an NRHA and an Affiliate membership (i.e. CCRHA, ORHA, AQR) up to and including the year that he or she applies for the Youth Scholarship; 


  • Applicants wishing to obtain scholarship funding for the 2019 academic year should complete and return the application provided. In addition several support materials are requested for submission and the deadline for the scholarship submissions is November 30th 2018.


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