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What Reining Canada Does. . . . .

  • Reining Canada maintains NAA (National Affiliate Association) status at the NRHA and as such carries out the business of the NAA.


  • Reining Canada as the NRHA National Affiliate Association will continue to provide Board of Director and National Affiliate Association Representation to the NRHA.


  • Reining Canada membership will continue to be automatic to NRHA members that reside in Canada and/or have a permanent Canadian address and have a current NRHA membership. Reining Canada has not charged a membership fee since 2015. Reining Canada will not require membership applications or forward NRHA applications/non pro declarations in 2019. Reining Canada will access its membership information through the NRHA and the Regional Affiliates.


  • Reining Canada continues to carry out the business of a not for profit organization as per the Canada Corporations rules.


  • Reining Canada will continue to provide information and communications with its members via e-newsletters, and the Reining Canada website as it relates to information important to Canadian reiners from NRHA and RC, and subject to the restrictions of the new CASL (Canadian anti-spam legislation).


  • Reining Canada will remain accessible to the membership through our office email, website, or telephone.


  • Reining Canada will continue to bring forward Canadian reiners’ concerns to the appropriate organizations.


  • Reining Canada will remain Canada’s liaison to the NRHA and other Equine organizations as required.


  • Reining Canada BOD will continue to provide programs to encourage participation and promotion of NRHA affiliates, events and programs in Canada while remaining fiscally responsible to our members.


  • Reining Canada will continue to promote the showing and breeding of the reining horse and strive to keep Canadians aware of information as it pertains to the reining horse.

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